Paradise Fudge (by DayMakers)
I have been making fudge most of my life and in the last 30 years have been creative and come up with recipes that friends and family say I should sell. I have domain names for,,, and Last year on Easter the name came to mind. I was sure it would be taken. To my great surprise it was available and I registered it. A few minutes later came to mind. I was doubly sure it was taken. As it happened it was also available and I registered it. 

When it came time to decide what name to use I considered and because they were Easter gifts. In deciding which to use, I understood Fudge Paradise is where you are for a few minutes when you taste it, and Paradise Fudge is what Fudge will taste like if there is Fudge in Paradise. So it is!

Only natural ingredients. No corn syrup and no chemicals. Made in the USA. 
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